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Another Month, Another Diet

Daniel McLaughlin is still going strong on The Thirteenth Diet. The month of September was dedicated to the Local and Organic diet, which restricted McLaughlin’s food and drink to origins within a 150-mile radius of Philadelphia. Butter and eggs from Lancaster County, mushrooms from Kennett Square, and lots of local veggies were available. Foods not […]

The Thirteenth Diet Comes To The Table

Philly fellow Daniel McLaughlin (pictured) is taking on 12 mainstream diets this year, one for each month. The diets range from played out (Atkins, The Zone) to practical (Minimum Wage) to WTF? (Blood Type Diet). He chronicles his travails on his pet project’s site, The Thirteenth Diet. McLaughlin’s goal is to come up with a […]

“Don’t Worry, Honey, There Will Always Be Ham”: The Food Of Mad Men

AMC’s hit show Mad Men will debut its much-anticipated second season in a few weeks. The show, set in 1960 in New York City, centers on advertising Exec Don Draper, and is an amazingly stylized glimpse into the lifestyle of the time. A lifestyle that includes smoking, drinking, cheating, eating lots of butter, oh and […]


Introducing: The Lost Weekend Diet

We here at Phoodie recently re-watched Billy Wilder‘s 1945 alcoholism-themed classic The Lost Weekend, which always kind of makes us want to never drink again. Reading the production notes, though, something caught our eye: Before shooting began, [Oscar-winning star Ray Milland] existed on a diet of dry toast, coffee, grapefruit juice, and boiled eggs in […]

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