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Now Open: Lox, Stock & Barrel (Get It?)

There’s not a whole lot going on when it comes to dining in the Parkway/ Logan Square area. Ok, there is Whole Foods but who really wants to scarf down possibly mislabeled take-out in a grocery store? Restauranteur Jeff Katz recognized the need for more options and siezed the opportunity by recently opening Lox, Stock […]

Lord Have Mercer: Mercer Cafe Is A Gem

We do not recommend going to the Mercer Cafe for dinner, only because it’s open from 8 AM to 4 PM. But if you’re looking for a breakfast or lunch that is swankier and more delicate than their corner-coffee shop digs would imply, by all means, head on up to Port Richmond. Thick beige diner […]

Sixpoint + Silk City = Rare Pleasure

Sixpoint Brewery won our forever love with the release of craft-in-a-can, but this is their best news yet: They’re teaming up with discotheque Silk City Diner (435 Spring Garden) for a 7th Anniversary beer dinner throwdown on February 20, featuring the small batch stuff that we rarely get in Philly. Five beers (four of them […]


Bistro La Minette Gearing Up For Summer

Bistro La Minette is planning all kinds of great things for the great weather ahead. On top of seasonal additions to their menu, the Bistro is resuming their Dinner and a Movie Al Fresco nights, which will be on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Dinner and a Movie Al Fresco started May 2nd, and the Monday/Thursday […]

Darling’s Diner Throws Its Hat In The Ring For Chef Vs. City

Our daily YouTube crawl brought up this audition clip from the folks at Darling’s Diner in the Piazza for the Food Network‘s Chef Vs. City. Think they’ll make the cut? Previously: Memo To Darling’s Diner: Really?


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