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Frangelli’s Donnoli Is Delicious, But Should Be Called Cannonut

The zeitgeist is in flux. Collectively it seems, we have shifted. Time was, you’d take some dough, fry it in hot oil, inject it with some sugary compote or creme, then powder or chocolate dip the sumbitch and boom, donut. It was good. It is good. But it turns out, it’s not enough. We have […]

Dunkin’ Donuts Served Coffee Black(faced)

So, in Thailand Dunkin’ Donuts serves this charcoal donut, so to promote said confection they chose, wait for it…blackface. Y’know cause charcoal. Cultural mistranslations are sometimes a cost of doing international bidness. For instance, we all know that a loose translation of this show means that Joanie Loves Penis. Just a few months ago, there […]

Federal Donuts Squeaks Onto GQ’s Top 50

Our love for Federal Donuts is like the donuts themselves, moist and warm and sugary. So it is with the pride pride that we mention FD’s Blueberry Muffin Donut squeeking its way onto GQ’s spankin’ new list of 50 best things to eat and drink right now. We suppose our only issue would be an […]


Pure Imagination: Find A Golden Ticket For Your Chance At Free Fried Chicken For Life

Just two days after the 4th of July, there is another notable holiday to be celebrated, known as National Fried Chicken Day. In honor of this splendid July 6th holiday, Federal Donuts will be doing big things. At both the Center City and South Philly locations, Federal Donuts will be giving out a total of […]

Morgan’s Pier Will Now Carry Doughnuts From Federal Donuts, Satisfying Your Hopes And Dreams

According to a post on their Facebook page, Morgan’s Pier will become the first off-site location to sell the doughnuts from Federal Donuts starting this weekend. Saturdays and Sundays during brunch (noon to 3PM), a variety of doughnuts from Michael Solomonov’s doughnuts and fried chicken joint will be available for purchase and enjoyment. Come for […]


Just In Time To Interrupt Your Summertime Diet, Here Comes National Doughnut Day!

Happy National Doughnut Day everyone! What’s that? You don’t want to think about doughnuts since you’re really trying to get into good beach shape this year? Well then, you really aren’t going to want to hear that Krispy Kreme is giving out free doughnuts today to celebrate this made-up holiday. Nope, you didn’t want to […]

Federal Donuts To Open A Second Location, Loves You Back

Tired of missing out on fried chicken? Being the only one of your friends that hasn’t tried a Strawberry-Rhubarb donut? Well, good news! Now there’s more than one place to wait in line! According to Philadelphia Real Estate, Federal Donuts, home to the city’s latest food craze, is opening up a second location at 1608-34 […]

Cherry Hill’s Cool Dog Cafe May Have Jumped The Shark

You know, you guys had us with the dessert dog, but now you’re starting to scare us. Cool Dog Cafe, 2091 Route 70 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, (856) 424-0400

Get Literal With Fat Tuesday

Since tomorrow is Fat Tuesday (and also apparently Doughnut Day) why not get a little literal with it and indulge in some of the worst foods you can eat? To help you along that path, Krispy Kreme is offering their customers a free glazed doughnut. The giveaway stops at one per customer however, so if […]

Krispy Kreme Wants You To Break Your New Year’s Resolution, But For A Good Cause

The enemy of anyone who is trying to eat well, Krispy Kreme, is trying to tempt you off of your New Year’s Resolution diet by donating money from sales to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Philadelphia. Until January 30th, 10% of the proceeds from the sale of Prince’s favorite doughnuts (right) will go to […]

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