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Ambronite Offers Organic Soylent For Those Who Eschew Chewing

It is with a heavy heart and gut that we write to you today. Several months ago we stumbled upon the tale of Soylent, a meal replacement slurry that is the brainchild of Rob Reinhardt, a silicon valley type who as a child found it odd “eating lettuce and thinking it was very weird to […]

You’ll Never Guess What Yogurt Soda Tastes Like

Friend of ours used to frequent this pan-asian joint around the corner from him in Schenectady, NY. Among other delicacies of the orient, this place featured bubble teas and smoothies and had a fairly substantial list of fruit and vegetable combinations from which to choose. Our pal is an intrepid hedonist with big appetite for […]

Geniuses At Hennessey Send Press Release Touting MLK Day Drink Recipes

In addition to being the spirit of choice if you’re thinking about fucking with Taylor Swift, it turns out the rapperiffic Cognac is also the best way to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Hennessey’s shilling company, Pivotal PR sent out a press release this morning touting “Mixed Drinks MLK Jr. Would […]


After Independence Day Comes Belgium’s Independence Day, In Case You Didn’t Know

After all of the Independence Day celebrations for this country are over, the party for Belgium and Belgian beer lovers alike will truly begin. Duvel Moortgat will be making sure that no one in Philly forgets about Belgium by serving up award-winning beers at various bars and locations across the city. From July 17th to […]

Yet Another Excuse To Get Drunk And Celebrate The Fouth

As if there weren’t enough ways to get drunk in honor of the nation’s independence in the coming days and those following, here is another. McGillin’s Olde Ale House is serving up an especially spirited Red White & Blue Freedom Cocktail. With layers of red strawberry daiquiri, white pina colada, and Blue Curaco respectively, this […]


Lucille’s Got Your Mother’s Day Covered, And So Do We

We’ve been dropping hints here and there about ideas for Mother’s Day, but now that it’s the Friday before, you should probably have something planned by now? (At least if you’re local. If you’re a transplant, may we recommend a mail-order bouquet?) But let’s not panic. After all, we don’t even have our plans quite […]

It’s Whiskey Time

Bourbon might be having its moment right now as America’s whiskey, but it isn’t our first love when it comes to the drink. Before Bourbon County began distilling corn mash into charred barrels, farmers in Western PA were using their excess grain to create what would become rye whiskey. In spring of 1791, a group […]

From The Dept. Of Lists That Matter – We Love Beer

It’s no secret that beer is the drink of choice for most Philadelphians– from the classic Lager to a Dogfish Head Chicory Stout. We’ve always known this, and seems we’re not the only ones. CNN has put together a study of the top 8 beer cities across the country. They’ve measured each city using 4 […]

Shiner Bock Is Here And It Is A Game Changer

Shiner Bock, that magical elixir sprung forth from the Texas Hill country, has arrived in Philadelphia. Until a few years ago, Shiner could only be purchased in Texas, making it the Yards Brawler of the South. We might know someone who, upon their return to their Texas home, drives straight to the grocery from the […]

Treat Your Mama (And Yo Self)

Do you love bacon? Do you love your mama? SoWe Bar & Kitchen chef Jenn Choplin does too and she’s celebrating with a “Mother’s Day Bacon Brunch” on Sunday, May 12th. (Don’t forget the date folks! It is Mother’s Day after all.) Alongside the traditional brunch menu, there will be several bacon themed dishes. Check […]

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