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Obamafaves: Italian Fiesta Pizzeria

Now that Obama has moved into a Culinary Wasteland, he won’t be able to get his favorite food anymore. The Hyde Park location of Italian Fiesta Pizzeria happens to be The First Dude’s favorite takeout spot, which sounds like the equivalent of Lazaro’s here in town. We do love us some Lazaro’s, but what will […]


Nothing food-related, but Bush just left. It’s a good day to be an American. There’s probably a bevy of Easy Mac on that chopper. In related news, Obama has good penmanship.

Hail To The Sweets

Baking Christmas cookies is a right of passage in most families, our individual heritage and lineage providing the recipes handed down from generations long gone. Frankly, we’re cookied-out right now. But Zoe Lukas of Whipped Bakeshop gives us a snack we can all get behind. The ubertalented local Ace-Of-Cakes released a clutch of Obama Inauguration Celebration Cookie designs that are […]


City Tavern, Really?

When we import friends to see the REAL Philadelphia, we always take them to Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell, a jaunt on the Handsome Carriage Of Lies, and finish it off with a nice heaping pile of history at the City Tavern. As ridiculous as that sounds, that’s exactly where our President-elect brought 27 of his […]

Editorial: This Is Not Ordinary Food

Our mother ship posted about the wave of change our city has ridden since the birth of Philebrity, and what the future holds for a town that had no real identity besides softball Rocky jokes and Cheesesteaks. Beyond a new local political era, arts explosion, entrepreneurial endeavors, and pride in our first sports winner since 1983 […]


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