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N3RD Brain Pizza Party Tonight

One week from right friggin’ now, N3RD Market kicks off its second season, bringing the farmer’s market experience to Old City. To celebrate and to ease into the new season, tonight from 6-10 the N3RDs are breaking bread with the dough heads over at Pizza Brain and throwing down. At this pizza party. Pizza Brain […]

This Sunday, “Farmer’s Market At The Batting Cages” Is The Phrase That Might Save Your Marriage

Everbody Hits batting cages on W. Girard isn’t our favorite batting cage just because it’s almost the only game in town and a short walk from the office, nor is our allegiance due to the space’s former history as a porn soundstage, it’s not even our favorite because owner David Gavigan’s dog Bruno gets along […]

Greensgrow Winter CSA Now Offering Coffee And Cheese Add-Ons

Greensgrow Farms in Fishtown has long been a remarkable urban farming success story, offering the Fishheads local produce and meats and most importantly that dopamine squeeze one can only get from the smug smirk of reducing one’s carbon footprint. Well, the cold times are fast approaching and this saturday begins their Winter CSA: Eating locally […]


Seafood Watch Gives One Salmon Farm The “Good Alternative” Label

Farmed seafood can be confusing. You hear about how the oceans are overfished and so you think, “Hmm, eating wild caught fish must surely be ecologically worse than chowing down on a farm raised fish who wouldn’t even exist were it not for my love of salmon mousse.” Yeah, you’d be wrong. Why would a […]

This Thursdsay, Let The Heritage Farm Fare Leave A Good Taste In Your Mouth

We understand that this Thursday is jam packed; what with the 2-0 Chiefs coming to town and the Mt. Airy Street Fare overacheiving with almost 50 food trucks bumper to bumper on Germantown Ave. Plus it’s restaurant week, which we’ll deal with tomorrow so stay tuned. So yeah, it’s hectic up in herr. But in […]


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