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Lucille’s Got Your Mother’s Day Covered, And So Do We

We’ve been dropping hints here and there about ideas for Mother’s Day, but now that it’s the Friday before, you should probably have something planned by now? (At least if you’re local. If you’re a transplant, may we recommend a mail-order bouquet?) But let’s not panic. After all, we don’t even have our plans quite […]

Unsung En Francias: Three Great Off-The-Beaten Path French Bistros In Philly

Perhaps we’re covetous of the “French” aesthetic because in the past, it has scorned us. In particular, the American notion of the French makes it seem like our perpetually well-dressed, beautiful older untouchable cousin, and we’re perpetually clomping behind her like a disheveled untucked donkey. France isn’t necessarily like that, and of all places, American […]

Field Guide: Banh Mi For Me And For You!

Vietnamese hoagies or “Saigon Subs” are a dark horse of Philly sandwich cuisine. This unique concoction is a result of French colonialism in the 1950s and 1960s, which mixed the liver-filled baguettes of the French countryside with the pickled vegetables and the tangy pork of Vietnamese cooking. During this pre-hoagie time, these sandwiches were sold […]


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