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It’s All Gravy At Little Nonna’s

13th Street denizens Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran have been busy cooking up another spot for their Midtown Village stretch. This summer, the pair will be opening Little Nonna’s, a new restaurant inspired by Italian grandmothers and old-school Italian eateries. Expect classic dishes like “House Stretched Mozzarella” and “Big Mama’s Meatballs” paired with an all-Italian […]

Here’s Lookin’ At You, PE6

There’s a new joint opening up in town that’s bound to bring a little class to the scene. Pennsylvania 6, or PE6, is the newest venture from chef Marc Plessis and owner Gary Cardi. The pair took their inspiration from infamous post-Prohibiton days at New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania by re-creating the dark and lush atmosphere […]

Your Grandpop’s Drive Through Ain’t Got Nothing On This…

Ahhh, the drive through. A time honored yet horribly forgotten pastime in American foodie culture. It was big when Beatlemania was sweeping the nation, and your Grandpop finally had the courage to ask Grandmom to go steady. While the classic car-friendly restaurants may have faded into the history books, replaced by or evolving into cost-over-quality […]


This Ain’t Your Mother’s Lamb Vindaloo

The barren Indian food desert of South Philly is no longer. Munish Narula is bringing Bollywood flavor to 11th and Federal. The new place, Tiffin Bistro, plans to be a middle ground between Narula’s Tiffin take-out chain and the up-scale Tashan on South Broad street. So far the menu is looking good with dishes like […]

Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen Preview Reveals: There Will Be Chicken & Waffles

When NoLib’s Full Plate Cafe shut its doors last year in preparation for the opening of Fisthown’s forthcoming Cedar Point Bar and Kitchen, many wondered, perhaps a little forlorn-ly: “But what about the chicken and waffles?” A preview of Cedar Point last night put the question to rest: The signature dish is back, courtesy Chef […]


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