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Victor Fiorillo Did Not Like His Meal At Ocean Prime Very Much

Y’all should pop over to Phillymag and see what Victor had to say about Ocean Prime. I’ll spoil but a solitary gem of his: “Not a single French Bordeaux on the wine list!” The others are worth their own read.

Food Blob: Date Night

>>>The City Paper is giving you their top five date spots. So if you gots a thing for Caroline Russock, here’s where you should take her. >>>We’ve known that Zahav’s Solomonov and Cook are opening up a couple joints in the spring. Now we know that the first of them is gonna be a, “casual […]

Food Blob: Your Kitty Needs Some Meat Edition

>>>Though we usually consider grilled cheese winter comfort food, Fooboozez rundown of their fave local stuffed and grillts is making our cheddar melt a bit. >>>Since the Royal Vagina hath spat forth the most costly welfare baby in the Kingdom, all us colonists are getting misty eyed for the time when we were at the […]


Food Blob: No Shit, Sherlock, And The Dinners White People Like Edition

>>>Philly Loves Fun is beginning to rev up the hype for the White Hot Party, which is an eating thing, not the Alabama GOP. In fact is giving away a pair of tickets. >>>The Hungry Nomad gives it to ya raw in his top 5 local susharias. >>>NBC10 offers up an entry from the […]

Treat Your Mama (Or Even Your Sugar Mama) To Mother’s Day Meals

May means three things: Warm weather to expose your winter pale legs to, greenery and flowers return to brighten up our city, and of course Mother’s Day on the 12th. You know, that holiday to give appreciation to the woman who brought you into this world, and who could certainly take you out if you […]


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