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If Ya Haven’t Heard, Le Bec Fin’s Closing

We’re sure that you have heard that Le Bec Fin, Philadelphia’s tarnished crown jewel of fine dining, has finally shut its doors for good. It’s been a slow demise with founder Georges Perrier’s retirement and the rehabbing and re-opening by new management. Michael Klein of gathered a few choice soundbites from Philly’s top chefs […]

Get The Biz With The Industry’s New Spring Menu

A couple of months ago, eight of Philly’s food writers got together with Chef Pat Szoke at his restaurant The Industry. Szoke worked with the group to create 8 individual dishes based on each bloggers taste; from there diners voted on a favorite to become a permanent menu addition. And it looks like we have […]

Tasty Sausages: The Philly Food Scene Gets Its Own Tavi

When tween fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson first blew up, the reaction was a mix of “It’s great that this young girl is doing this” pride and “Yo, what the hell is this” annoyance. Child bloggers (and sometimes children in general) seem to inspire a kind of hatred from much of the general public, for many […]


Get To The Bars, Today Is International Stout Day!

Today is the 2nd Annual International Stout Day, which celebrates those dark, hearty brews that are so good in the winter. This middle-of-the-week drinking holiday was created last year by west-coast blogger the Beer Goddess, in an effort to connect with stout drinkers and, well, drink stout. (The term ‘stout’ originally referred to a strong […]

Takeru Kobayashi Eats Normal Dinners (After Eating 300 Wings)

Over on Philebrity, we’ve already made our Wing Bowl feelings known. However, just because we find the whole situation to be icky in every way, doesn’t mean we’re not totally in awe of the man they call Kobayashi. Kobi sat down to a meal with the guys over at The 700 Level where he revealed […]


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