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UPDATED: Bistrot La Minette’s Avergne Tasting Menu Today And Tomorrow Will Provide A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

Tonight and tomorrow night, Bistrot La Minette is offering quite a deal. For just 35 clams, you can get yourself four courses of their regional Auvergne tasting menu. You want wine paired with that, just another 15 clams. That’s a pretty good deal for a french bistro, or a bistrot even. The Bistrot has a […]

Bistro St. Tropez Offers A Slightly Less Obvious Fourth Of July Choice

With so many events happening in Philadelphia this year around July 4th, it’s getting easy to feel patriotically overwhelmed. If you’re staying around the city for the 4th, but looking for a more casually spirited event, Bistro St Tropez may be the place for you. Chef Patrice Rames is offering a specialty three course prix […]

Vetri Re-Opening As Le Bec Fin? For Real

While there are already plans for a Le Bec Fin 2.0, Philly’s legendary restaurant finally closed its doors for good this past weekend after a drawn-out demise filled with more twists and turns than a soap opera. But it seems the legend of Le bec is not without one more twist. Old timers may remember […]


Bistro St Tropez Wants To Cook Thanksgiving Dinner So You Don’t Have To

Most Philadelphians have probably seen the Marketplace Design Center on the east side of the Schuylkill river. It’s the big blue building with whales painted on the facade. What most Philadelphians have not seen is the authentic French bistro, Bistro St Tropez located on the 4th floor. When we say authentic, that means chef/owner, Patrice […]

The Greenhouse Project Presents Podcasts On French Culinary History

The American Philosophical Society Museum‘s Greenhouse Project is presenting, “five distinct but interrelated large-scale programs.” Among a sound installation and a geocaching expedition, is a series of podcasts on the science of gastronomy. Some of the podcast topics include A Revolution in Taste (the revolution and evolution of French cuisine), Enlightenment in a Bottle (the […]


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