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Ja Ja For BRÜ Craft & Wurst!

Damen und herren (Ladies and gents), why head to your standardized neighborhood bar, when you can party like you’re straight out of Deutschland? Now that BRÜ Craft & Wurst Biergarten and Wursthaus will be hosting their grand opening tomorrow, you get to chase beer maidens and an enter a food coma with all the German […]

OpenTable And FoodSpotting Are Now Dining Together

The latest development in food-seeking technology is the marriage of OpenTable, the massively-adopted-by-the-industry website and app that lets people make restaurant reservations and review their experiences, and FoodSpotting, a website/app that diners can use to recommend and rate individual dishes — as well as, perhaps most importantly, post photos — whether from a street vendor […]

Let Pringles Soundtrack Your Summer Jams

Who doesn’t love Pringles? You don’t love Pringles? Why? Pringles are awesome. All of that aside, Pringles is running a pretty great promotion on their website. They are giving out Pringles can speakers, or a single speaker, or the electronics to make your own. To be honest, it’s not exactly clear. But all you have […]


Gift Ideas For Fellow Foodies. Our Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

We have developed a love for a few kitchen tools, that in our opinion, would make awesome gifts for your fellow foodie friends. Going in clockwise order, first we have a pepper grinder that we picked up the other day at Amy’s Place in the Reading Terminal Market. It’s a little guy but it’s strong […]

The Way Of The Future: Chefstack Promises 200 Pancakes Per Hour For All Your Pancake-Party Needs

Holy Pancake Robots!! We kind of can’t believe the Chefstack is real, but apparently, it is. The World’s First Automatic Pancake Machine uses a Teflon conveyor belt to spit out 200 pancakes an hour and form a neat pile of delicious. This little wonder costs $3,500 and is being marketed mainly to convenience stores and large-scale […]


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