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Sassafras Now Catering To Old City Day Drinkers

Our love for Sassafras’s drinks, bartenders and burgers is well documented and that was before this bombshell. Starting last Monday, The genuine ex-speakeasy with the cool old bar and the authentic marble floors will be serving the same cool drinks and good burgers as always only they’ll be doing it while the sun is shining down […]

February Features Microbreweries’ Dalliance With South Philly’s Devil’s Den

It would seem that Pennsylvania microbreweries Stoudt’s (of Adamstown) and Weyerbacher (of Easton) are making a deal with the devil. Well, the Devil’s Den to be more exact. The South Philly hellish haven will be hosting two events to introduce two new blends by the microbreweries that will give a new meaning to the drunken […]

Hot Cider And Bad Elves At The Devil’s Den

The Devil’s Den, celebrated gastropub, has announced its winter Cider Cocktails Collection for 2012. Throughout the winter you can get one of these hard cider drinks made with fresh mulled cider, which is cider that’s been heated near boiling and mixed with aromatics and spices. Try the Apple Jack, made with Gentleman Jack, cider, black […]


PBR Porn for $$$

Beer. Porn. Amateur and/or Professional. You’d think we’re advertising a new comedy series by Dave Attell. But you’d be wrong. No, we’re plugging a photo contest inspired by Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant’s oversaturated Facebook wall. They know you can’t enjoy a bubbly without proving you were there to complete strangers. And they want you to […]

Look Alive Over There: Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant, You TOTALLY Did The Right Thing

“Hello Phoodie, I have a story about Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant. On this past Saturday night, my friends wanted to go somewhere to watch the Denver vs. New England playoff game. Yeah, I must admit, we were caught up in Tebowmania! I have heard great things about PBR and I was able to make a […]


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