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Celiacs And Weird People Unite: Cheu Noodle Bar Is Bringing You Noodles That Won’t Kill You

Word on the street has it that all of you celiac sufferers and people who just don’t eat gluten for whatever godforsaken reason are in luck: Cheu Noodle Bar is offering gluten-free noodles. The street we speak of, is of course Facebook, where Cheu Noodle posted this: “This just in … house made rice noodles […]

Don’t Be A Gluten Glutton, That’s Celiac. Go to Davio’s

You altered your diet, you cut out pizza and pasta and pastries and McDonald’s Hamburgers (that one wasn’t so tough), and you do feel better, until the bartender asks what you’re having, then you just look wanly at your friends sipping their Pale Ales and Belgian Styles and you just want to cry. Well, sometime […]

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