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Ambronite Offers Organic Soylent For Those Who Eschew Chewing

It is with a heavy heart and gut that we write to you today. Several months ago we stumbled upon the tale of Soylent, a meal replacement slurry that is the brainchild of Rob Reinhardt, a silicon valley type who as a child found it odd “eating lettuce and thinking it was very weird to […]

‘Snot A Problem

With cold and flu season getting its groove on, keeping those sinuses relatively capacious is a constant challenge. We had an old roommate who swore that weed would do the trick, but that was his knee-jerk panacea, so we were skeptical. But the GIGO axiom may prove more trustworthy in this case. offers this […]

Philadelphia Healthy Chinese Takeout Initiative Is A Good Thing

So Philadelphia has a thing called the Healthy Chinese Takeout Initiative, which does, at first seem as oxymoronic as the boneless ribs they are trying to desalinate. The thing is, it might be working. But before all you libertarians get your Bloombergs in a twist, know that this is not a legislative measure. The city […]


From The Desk Of Adam Brodsky: Lord Preserve Us And Protect Us, We Been Drinkin’ Whiskey ‘Fore Breakfast

My grandmother was a total dick about breakfast. Not only would she insist that skipping the most important meal of the day was a moral turpitude on the level of certain Senate votes or Andersonville, when it was she who was charged with my rousting she would forbid my egress from the house until I […]

Choose A Healthier, Less Heart-Stopping Super Sunday This Year

If slugging down beer and chips isn’t your thing, come down to South Philly Bar and Grill as they team up with the Female Football Frenzy (or F3, a not-for-profit fundraising campaign that “brings together people from varying industry and ethnic backgrounds into one setting for purposes of fun, football, and philanthropy”), and the Philadelphia […]


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