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The Beatles First Trip To The White House

In 2010, that one Beatle who people thought was dead that one time, was awarded the Gershwin Prize for songwriting and stuff. As he sang Michelle to Michelle, it was the first time he had met a sitting FLOTUS or a sitting POTUS and when people said it was the first time a Beatle had […]

And Now, “Hoagies” By The Hoagieman

Hi there, I am the Hoagieman and I have written a song about hoagies. It’s called “Hoagies”. I send it to you in the hopes that you might have the chance to feature it on your site, tell your friends, or even personally enjoy it on your MP3 player. Perhaps even whilst enjoying some of […]

Hoagies By Way Of Hog Island

Hog Island is no longer a home to hogs; nor is it an island. But the stretch of land along the Delaware River which is now the airport is actually deeply rooted in Philadelphia culinary culture. Hog Island was given its name because early residents supposedly didn’t use fences to corral their swine as the […]


Holy Mother Of God, It’s The… Koagie!

Myung Ga in Cherry Hill, NJ — of course, it had to come from New Jersey — boast on their website that they are the proud creators of the Koagie. (Or, rather, Korean hoagie — see what they did there?) And who are we to argue? But, what is it? The Koagie™ is built in […]

Suck It, Five Dollar Footlong: Hoagiefest Is BACK!

It’s that time of year… Wawa Hoagiefest! After last year’s successful launch, Wawa’s Mr. Kotter doppelganger has again blown into town on his grand hoagietronic flying machine, intent on spreading good vibes with budget-priced hoagie specials, special events, and contests. Regardless of whether you wish to comply, you will still be subjected to his unstoppable […]


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