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Free Worm Wednesday!

National Food Day is tomorrow, and the South Philly Food Co-op wonders, what better way to celebrate than with worms, dirt, and drinks? The Co-op, who’s goal is to open a cooperative grocery store in South Philly by 2014, is hosting a free how-to event on vermicomposting a.k.a. composting with worms. The worms help produce […]

COOK Presents: Everything You Wanted To Know About Hot Dogs And Were Correctly Too Afraid To Ask

Tired of sitting around on weekend nights? Of not making plans? Of being convinced you’ve seen the upcoming rerun of SNL, but wanting to be home for it anyway? We know. We are too. Which is why we’re so thankful for COOK’s upcoming lecture event Dog Gone It: A Hot Dog History with Keith Garabedian […]

In Praise (And In Search) Of Spicy Cucumber!

Much well-deserved hype and love has been thrown in the direction of Old City’s Han Dynasty — and for sure, proprietor Han Chiang himself is the kind of soothsayer this publicist-run Philly food scene could use a lot more of. And we could talk fawningly about the menu and the Cult of Han all day, […]


From The Vaults: The Frugal Gourmet Does Philly

Boy, does this ever take us back: The late, great Jeffrey L. Smith — aka The Frugal Gourmet — was, of course, a staple of the local PBS Saturday afternoon lineup, and our moms loved him. (That is, er, until that unpleasantness, which ended his career — but even then, people still loved him.) In […]

Name This Holiday Cocktail!

Hey guys, so, see that last cocktail on tonight’s list for Philebrity Salon: Jazz Xmas, tonight at 700? We want you to name it. Here’s the recipe: “1.5 oz silver tequila 3/4 oz chocolate liquor 1/2 oz coffee liquor Aztec chocolate bitters Orange bitters Fresh ground black pepper Fresh ground nutmeg Hot Coffee Shaved pitch-dark […]


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