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Do You Like Wine? Take A Field Trip To PA Wine Country For Some Wine With Jet Wine Bar

It has probably been a long long time since you were last on a field trip, but Jet Wine Bar is going on one soon and it sounds pretty darn fun. They’re going to Pennsylvania’s own wine country on Sunday, January 27 and yes, if you didn’t know yet, we do have a wine country […]

It’s Vintastic Craptastic: Beaujolais Nouveau Arrives Spreads Today

Our man Collin Flatt got his start on this here site doing “It’s Vintastic,” a psychotic trip through vinified existence. After the jump, he dusts off the olfactory bulb and puts on his asshole jacket to warn you all what can happen if you partake in today’s festivities.

Thanksgiving Whine: Collin’s Picks That Aren’t More #$%ing Riesling And Zinfandel

Most Americans never give a rats ass about food and wine pairing during the 364 days of the year that aren’t Thanksgiving. Yet they sweat such a task during a culinary holiday that blends every possible flavor profile together, rendering most choices a gamble at best. The softballs are always the same: Zinfandel. Off-Dry Riesling. Even […]


It’s Vintastic: Chateau Beaumont 2005

Wine psycho Collin Flatt finds an affordable 2005 Bordeaux. It’s young and tight, just how we like it.

It’s Vintastic: Las Rocas 2006

In the latest edition of It’s Vintastic, Collin Flatt turns to a standby in his cellar that deserves more play. Read all about it after the jump.


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