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Foodery Beer Academy Launches, Area Colleges Shudder In Fear

The Foodery is joining forces with Local 44, Nodding Head, and Cantina Dos Segundos to drop a lil’ beer knowledge on us all. Beer classes and tastings are being held at the three bars ($15 per class), and it promises a great opportunity to expand your beer knowledge and vocabulary — as well as taste […]

Studiokitchen Redux: The Path To Deliciousness

Collin Flatt chats with the smartest man in Philadelphia not cooking for you, Shola of Studiokitchen. Croissant Soup. Bloodless Mary. All this and more in the most interesting Q&A we’ve ever had. Pics and foodgasm after the jump.

Poll: Whither Koreatown? And What Of Bi-bim-baptimore?

Here at Phoodie, we are no stranger to the ever popular Asian fusion. (Look below!) But don’t just look to Chinatown; instead, turn your head to the slightly overlooked Koreatown, which was the subject of this Rick Nichols piece in the Sunday Inky. Most predominately located at Cheltenham Avenue and Fifth Street, Koreatown is only […]


Beer Week: That’s All Well And Good, But What The Hell Is A Firkin?

We were just perusing our calendar, and came across this Beer Week listing for this Friday, March 7th: Philly Beer Week 2008 presents: Meet the Brewer: Flying Fish: Head Brewer Casey Hughes will knock the top off a firkin of his Flying Fish E.S.B. in a bid to break the “Philly’s fastest firkin record”. 7pm. […]

Jargon: The Unbearable Hypeness Of Being A Locavore

Are you a Locavore? Do you only buy and cook with locally grown produce? Do you religiously follow the 100-mile radius rule? If so, you must be healthy, um, regular and… trendy! Hot off of its “buzz word” status after being designated Word of the Year by the New Oxford American Dictionary for 2007, locavoraes […]


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