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The New, Improved, Less-Classy Revel Is Classing It Up Just A Little Bit

After all of their ups and downs, Revel prmoised that they would totally be less-classy if they were given a second chance. That second chance was given, and now they’re all like “Okay, but these are pretty nice though, right?” The “these” those hypothetical Revel spokespeople are talking about are the two new Jose Garces […]

Let Jose Garces Make Your Holiday Pies

Pie-eating season isn’t over yet, and if you didn’t love the process of making pies for your Thanksgiving meal and hate the thought of making another one for the December holidays, celebrity chef and Philly transplant Jose Garces has your back. He and Garces Group executive pastry chef Jessica Mogardo have created four sweet-sounding desserts […]

There Is Simply No End To The Steak Frites At Garces Trading Co.

Though nothing short of “Free Sex” jumps out as us like “Endless”, those belt-loosening establishments usually manifest themselves as establishments with the words Buffet or Corral where they offer gloppy chafing dishes of fatty starches or starchy fats. To see the word appear at a respectable, why-don’t-you-put-on-your-nice-shirt bistro like Garces Trading Company has us skipping […]


Jose Garces Is Cooking At The Porch At 30th Street For Philabundance

Tomorrow, from 11AM to 2PM, five of Jose Garces‘ restaurants will be on hand at the Porch at 30th Street Station to give samples to those who donate $10 to Philabundance. It’s a great chance to try some great foods for a cheap price, all while giving to charity. Plus, it feels like such a […]

If You Can’t Trust A Brewmaster, Who Can You Trust?

Jose Graces‘ JG Domestic is in the midst of Sly Fox Month, and before it winds down, they invited Sly Fox brewer Tim Ohst to pair some Sly Fox beers with a down-home crawfish boil for a Brewmaster’s Dinner. Currently, JG Domestic is serving a Happy Hour Plate of Benton’s Country Ham paired with Pikeland […]


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