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Granite Hill Getting Its Korean Food On For PMA Art Exhibit

Last week we found ourselves among the schmancy people in the great stair hall of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. There was a press preview for the opening of Treasures of Korea, Arts and Culture of the Joseon Dynasty, 1392-1910. Now that’s a dynasty – talking ’bout 518 years, so all you Bulls, Patriots, Heat […]

Dream Job: Eating On A Korean Webcam

So, first of all, this HuffPo piece says that up to 1/3 of all South Koreans live alone. That sounds amazing. But apparently it’s lonely so people like “The Diva” above make a nice living ($9K/month) cooking and eating so these lonely fuckers can watch via webcam. Are you getting that? Not only can they […]

User’s Manual: Sammy Chon’s KTownBBQ

The Pork Bulgogi Dolsot at Sammy Chon’s. Guh. About a month ago, we told you about the opening of the new outpost of Sammy Chon’s KTownBBQ, which, at long last, has put Korean BBQ into Chinatown. Now, after two visits that made us various combinations of excited/stuffed/damn-near-post-coital sleepy, we’re happy to roll them out as […]


At Long Last, Korean BBQ In Chinatown!

Though we have an unswerving love for the great Kim’s BBQ of Olney, the dearth of proper Korean BBQ in Center City — to say nothing of Chinatown proper — has often befuddled and angered us. But with the new year comes news that is good and right: Sammy Chon’s KTownBBQ is open for business […]

KFC Comes Back to Meritage!

Back by popular demand: Meritage is re-introducing Korean Fried Chicken on its menu. Korean Fried Chicken has been Meritage’s most requested dish and since taking the dish off the menu, the owners have had no choice but to offer it again, thanks to the pleading of their patrons. KFC officially arrives on the menu starting […]


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