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Night Market Vendors Announced

Part of the charm of the Night Market is the finalized list of vendors in not revealed until morning of. Which means most of the city of philadelphia spent their first few cube hours constantly refreshing this link while muttering, “c’mon porknado.” Anyway, there’s the link. Show up, eat up, take your bloated carcass home […]

Mac Is the New Camac Which Is Actually The Tavern

When someone asks you, “When was the last time you ate at Tavern on Camac?” There are three possible answers; “Never”, “Not in quite a while” or, “Like, five minutes ago, I’m still full.” If your answer is anything but the third, we recommend you go to the cozy little spot underneath the piano bar […]

Now Open: Lox, Stock & Barrel (Get It?)

There’s not a whole lot going on when it comes to dining in the Parkway/ Logan Square area. Ok, there is Whole Foods but who really wants to scarf down possibly mislabeled take-out in a grocery store? Restauranteur Jeff Katz recognized the need for more options and siezed the opportunity by recently opening Lox, Stock […]


GrubHub + Seamless = ?

Here’s some good news for y’all who choose to cut out all human interaction when it comes to dining: GrubHub and Seamless, two players in the whole online/mobile food order game, have merged together to create one mega take out order service. According to GrubHub CEO, Matt Maloney: “This has nothing to do with cost […]

Soon Says Lorenzo’s

While we’re still mourning the loss of Lorenzo’s Hall of Mirrors, we know that a plain-slice as big as our head isn’t far away. Lorenzo & Sons are shooting for a soft-opening soon, April 29th to be exact (Official opening day is May 3rd). And if the opportunity of blackout pizza isn’t enough, there’s going […]


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