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Lucille’s Got Your Mother’s Day Covered, And So Do We

We’ve been dropping hints here and there about ideas for Mother’s Day, but now that it’s the Friday before, you should probably have something planned by now? (At least if you’re local. If you’re a transplant, may we recommend a mail-order bouquet?) But let’s not panic. After all, we don’t even have our plans quite […]

Just When You Thought Philly Already Had The Best Food Trucks…

Along comes Philly’s own Dinnertime Demigod Jose Garces with his very own taco truck. According to MealTicket, Garces has brought home a truck that used to operate in Brooklyn (take that!) and plans to have his restaurant design guru Jun Aizaki work his magic on the truck design as well. No definite dates yet, but […]

Valanni Debuts New Tapas-Centric Fall Menu

Back in August, John Strain stepped up to become Executive Chef of Valanni, filling the awfully large shoes of former Exec Chef Evan Turney, who had moved on to head Varga Bar full time. We got word today that Strain has officially debuted his new Fall Menu, highlights of which are listed below: – Short […]


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