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According To Draft Magazine, 6% Of America’s Best Beer Bars Are Right Here

Draft Magazine’s sixth annual list of the 100 best beer bars in the USA has just been released. Unlike most lists compiled at year’s end, the DM100 is released at the beginning of the year, as if to offer these joints an, “I know you can do it” confidence boost. “You’re on our list, now […]

GQ Scoops Nation With First Top 10 Cheesesteak List Of 2014

In the current issue of the doubly ironically appelated Gentelman’s Quarterly, Alan Richman, the most decorated food writer in history has listed our fair city’s Ten Best Cheesesteaks. He assembled a crew including his old friend Ray Didinger who he called, “The most devoted cheesesteak eater I know.” His list is mostly conventional and unsurprising […]

We’re Number 23!

Over at Deadspin they’ve ranked each of the 50 states by their signature dish. Not only did Pennsylvania not make the top ten, but #23 on the list isn’t even a Cheesesteak. Instead, they’ve chosen Scrapple. Many of our good friends have a soft spot for the spongy collection of offal entrails and assholes, but […]


Urbanspoon Mentions Three Philly Spots In Their “Cheap Eats” Roundup

To be filed under the statistics subheading of the “Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics” parent folder; Urbanspoon has culled from its single $ restaurants, a list of the most poplular. And while this metric wouldn’t pass muster in any serious scientific circles, we still think it’s a not an unuseful tool in selecting a quick, […]

Joey and Lily Tell The Guardian Where To Go Eat

Yesterday we told you how we told The Guardian where they should go get drinks. Well, apparently they got hungry and asked what’s for dinner. Joey Sweeney and Lily Cope obliged with a top ten list for the ages…or for the aged, whatever. Point is, now you know where to go if you wanna have […]


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