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Right Now On Philebrity: Get Buzzed And High

Turns out Sofitel is thinking globally yet acting locally when it comes to hive collapse. Philebrity has the lowdown of what’s going on way up there. [Image via:]

Greensgrow Winter CSA Now Offering Coffee And Cheese Add-Ons

Greensgrow Farms in Fishtown has long been a remarkable urban farming success story, offering the Fishheads local produce and meats and most importantly that dopamine squeeze one can only get from the smug smirk of reducing one’s carbon footprint. Well, the cold times are fast approaching and this saturday begins their Winter CSA: Eating locally […]

Thats Kiwi Deer You’re Eating, Dear.

So a couple weeks ago at The Pickled Heron, they were offering up venison. Having long been a fan of the hearty lean steaks that those majestic, graceful creatures provide, we ordered it up rare. It was, as is most everything at that particular joint, delish. Earthy, without being gamey, juicy without being bloody, with […]


Get Your Veg On With R2L

Here’s one for the veggie-centric folks out there. Center City spot, R2L has created a series of menus focusing on different summer vegetables to be served every Tuesday night. Check out the flyer above for the line up. Reservations can be made at (215) 564-5337. R2L, 50 S 16th St, Philadelphia, PA, (215) 564-5337

Locavore? Try Loca-Wino

It’s the “Summer of I-76.” No, we’re not talking about sitting on the turnpike in traffic, trying to get up to the Poconos because you’re already burned out on the shore. We’re talking about Jet Wine Bar’s new menu exploring PA made wines. All summer, they will be focusing on various local wines in groups […]


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