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If Ya Haven’t Heard, Le Bec Fin’s Closing

We’re sure that you have heard that Le Bec Fin, Philadelphia’s tarnished crown jewel of fine dining, has finally shut its doors for good. It’s been a slow demise with founder Georges Perrier’s retirement and the rehabbing and re-opening by new management. Michael Klein of gathered a few choice soundbites from Philly’s top chefs […]

Look Alive Over There: Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant, You TOTALLY Did The Right Thing

“Hello Phoodie, I have a story about Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant. On this past Saturday night, my friends wanted to go somewhere to watch the Denver vs. New England playoff game. Yeah, I must admit, we were caught up in Tebowmania! I have heard great things about PBR and I was able to make a […]

Look Alive Over There: South Philly Tap Room UPDATE

Last week, when we debuted Look Alive Over There, we got a quick message from a reader taking issue with some service at South Philly Tap Room. The complaint, in short, was this: “The last time I went to SPTR was January 2nd (in the afternoon) and my two friends and I waited 45 minutes […]


Look Alive Over There: South Philly Tap Room

Responding to the call for our new post category “Look Alive Over There,” one exasperated reader writes in: “I’d like to submit a LAOT for South Philly Tap Room. I live a block away, so it’s long been my favorite local spot. The place has always had questionable service – staff in general act above […]

Look Alive Over There: 500 Degrees

Not pictured: Lack of enthusiasm, filth, bad soundtrack. Look alive over there, 500 Degrees! We popped in over the weekend, and couldn’t really tell which was worse: The fact that your burgers have really slipped in quality over the last year; how filthy the floor was and how messy the place was in general; OR […]


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