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Lunch Break: Drag Queen, Chik-Fil-A Edition

Someday, somebody’s gonna make you wanna gobble on up up on a waffle fry But no go, don’t you know, Chik-Fil-A say, you’ll make the baby Jesus cry!

Lunch Break: Weaponized Meats Edition

If you’re looking for a video that has everything, this is the video for you… if everything = wieners in calipers, the Phanatic, ballistic tests Chris Wheeler and a Hatfield sampler of Hoagiemouth.

Lunch Break: Still Waters Edition

The only thing these people fear more than revenuers? The dentist.


Lunch Break: Are You Fucking Kidding Us Edition.

At the risk of eating even more crow, our review of this ridiculous, $99 product will be a repurposing of the sentence we wrote when we first saw an iPod; “This purports to fill a need that doesn’t exist and will flop like a european basketball player” We couldn’t be that wrong twice, could we? […]

Lunch Break: This Beer Keurig Thingy Might Be The Whitest Product Ever

Is this your jawn? You can kickstart the dream over here.


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