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Sassafras Lunch Menu, $5.95 This Week

We recently hipped you to the new menu at Serrano. At that top secret tasting where we got the goods, we were also informed that Sassafras, the speakeasy down the street would also be revamping its menu, hoping to attract the Old City lunch crowd. Well today, we were the OCLC and we stopped in […]

Underdogs Is A Favorite, Even If Your Over Dogs, Dawg.

Like plenty of women we know, wieners fill us with ambivalence. We love the idea of this handheld, portable, quintessentially American food serving as an excellent condiment conduit for any and all creatively over-the-top toppings. We don’t love the ingredients or the extrusion method of cooking. And even if you get yourself a Hebrew National, […]

Salt Lake Elementary School Literally Takes Food Out Of Children’s Mouths Because Parents Owe Money

Lunchroom justice, Utah Style: At Uintah Elementary, around forty students who’s lunchroom balances were in the red, had their lunches taken from them and thrown in the trash. Seriously: Jason Olsen, a Salt Lake City District spokesman, said the district’s child-nutrition department became aware that Uintah had a large number of students who owed money […]


Sassafras Now Catering To Old City Day Drinkers

Our love for Sassafras’s drinks, bartenders and burgers is well documented and that was before this bombshell. Starting last Monday, The genuine ex-speakeasy with the cool old bar and the authentic marble floors will be serving the same cool drinks and good burgers as always only they’ll be doing it while the sun is shining down […]

Pure Imagination: Find A Golden Ticket For Your Chance At Free Fried Chicken For Life

Just two days after the 4th of July, there is another notable holiday to be celebrated, known as National Fried Chicken Day. In honor of this splendid July 6th holiday, Federal Donuts will be doing big things. At both the Center City and South Philly locations, Federal Donuts will be giving out a total of […]


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