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Need a Midday Monday Mediterranean Fix? Green Olives Cafe Is Now Open!

Green Olives Cafe opened today at 1941 East Passyunk Avenue. EPA’s Facebook page mentions excellent espresso, so we’re headed down there today to try it out. Green Olives is open 7am Mon-Fri and 10am Sat & Sun til 11pm daily, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner (and baked goodies). “Lunch menu includes falafel, shawarma & kabob […]

Mouthwatering Menu Of The Moment: Barbuzzo

It’s a long scroll, but it looks worth it. Barbuzzo is Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran‘s latest Midtown Village spot (they’re also the duo behind Bindi, Grocery, Lolita and others), and it opens today. With an emphasis on local, artisan-farmed goods and a Medi vibe, and it’s the duo’s first non-BYOB. Uwishunu has some great […]

Will 13th St. Ever Get Too Small for Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran?

From Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran (pictured), the women who brought 13th St. Lolita, Bindi, Grocery, Open House and Verde (goodness, that’s a mouthful), meet Barbuzzo. Slated to open in July, the new restaurant is meant to evoke a Mediterranean farmhouse, and the set-up sounds pretty sick: Distressed church pews, 350-year-old wood table tops, flooring […]


Green Lunchin’ At The Falafel Factory

In a city full of starving vegetarian residents, there certainly isn’t a shortage of falafel around here. Rob Rimeris is providing his take on the Middle-Eastern favorite at his new restaurant, Falafel Factory, up Rittenhouse way. The Factory’s serving up sandwiches and dips placed in the traditional pita, with six different options, including the “Hawaiian,” […]

Valanni Debuts New Tapas-Centric Fall Menu

Back in August, John Strain stepped up to become Executive Chef of Valanni, filling the awfully large shoes of former Exec Chef Evan Turney, who had moved on to head Varga Bar full time. We got word today that Strain has officially debuted his new Fall Menu, highlights of which are listed below: – Short […]


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