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Lunch Break: Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink Edition

Our inner fourteen-year-old boy is pretty happy with the jamon-fisted inuenndo: “A delicious cheesy quesadilla wrapped around a beefy burrito,” y’know, “Two things you only dreamed would come together.”

Burrito Burrumble:’s Local Locales, Cuchina Zapata vs. Taco Don Memo

So, Nate and the Silver Surfers are at it again. Over at Nate Silver and his team of 538 specials have set out to find America’s Best Burrito, which is noble, impossible, subjective, and awesome all at the same time. In 2007, Nate carried out the micro version of this experiment in his Chicago […]

Lunch Break: Mexican Tiramisu At Lolita

We suppose when you go to Lolita, you needn’t ask if the food is fresh. That Restaurant Impossible guy sure did dig it.


Greensgrow Farms Shows You How Butcher A Duck

For two hours this Saturday, Gregg Ciprioni the Culinary Development Chef for The Garces Group is teaching a workshop at Greensgrow Farms up in The Fish. From noon to 14:00, you’re gonna get schooled in the art of Contemporary Mexican Cuisine: Homemade Tortillas and Duck Barbacoa. Ciprioni will be teaching about Masa de Maiz, which […]

NFL Week Two Recipe: Smoked Marlin Tacos

Yesterday while sitting in the rich people seats amongst fans and hangers-on of the San Diego Padres, we queried the SoCal denizens as to the signature food of San Diego. To this point we had come up pretty blank and come deadline were probably going to make some tenuous Kevin Bacon type leap such as; […]


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