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Celiacs And Weird People Unite: Cheu Noodle Bar Is Bringing You Noodles That Won’t Kill You

Word on the street has it that all of you celiac sufferers and people who just don’t eat gluten for whatever godforsaken reason are in luck: Cheu Noodle Bar is offering gluten-free noodles. The street we speak of, is of course Facebook, where Cheu Noodle posted this: “This just in … house made rice noodles […]

Eat (And Try To Pronounce) Geaw Teaw At Circles

On Monday February 18th, Bangkok-born chef and owner Alex Boonphaya, will be introducing three new soups for his authentic and contemporary Thai cuisine Circles; chicken stock-based Tom Yum, with moist pieces of bread and rice noodles, a beef stock-based Geaw Teaw, with tar anise, cloves, cinnamon, rice noodles, braised beef and beef balls, and a […]

Terakawa Ramen: Totally Legit

We never did get around to telling you what a grotesque disappointment Ramen Boy was. In a city increasingly so desperate for good ramen that even the promise of a new decent spot lands us straight into all kinds of can’t-handle-it awkwardsauce, Ramen Boy, headed up by the folks who brought you Yakitori Boy — […]


Momofuku Offers Paid Summer Internship, Access To Office Fridge

Attention all aspiring food business peeps: The bastion of all things noodle, NYC’s Momofuku, is offering a paid summer office internship. As Philly is in a full-on Momofukuization/Ramen-frenzy, you can make some money working in the offices of the original and, oh yeah, have access to the office fridge, which has to be stocked with […]

All Hail The New Nan Zhou (Be Zhou Be Zhou!)

Imagine our pleasant surprise when, walking through Chinatown last night, we discovered that the new Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle House had quietly opened in its new, much larger location at 1022 Race Street. (Former home of Pho 75, which were sad to see go, but this makes up for it.) Fans of those hand-drawn […]


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