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Get Your Heatmiser Cupcakes At Tattooed Mom Tomorrow!

We weren’t sure whether to keep this to ourselves or tell you all about it, but that’s what we do, so here it is. Tomorrow January 31st, Tattooed Mom will be serving up special Heatmiser Cupcakes, baked by Cookie Confidential. You may already be familiar with the Heatmiser, the cocktail that Tattooed Mom bartender Adrian […]

You Wish You Had This Dish: Xochitl’s Molcajete

It’s a hunka-hunka burnin’ love. Xochitl, consistently one of the more adventurous Mexican spots in town, just rolled out a little thing called a Molcajete, which is apparently made of volcanic lava and dreams. Sayeth the X: “Available in verde or roja sauce, the molcajete is a traditional mexican vessel carved out of volcanic rock […]

Terakawa Ramen: Totally Legit

We never did get around to telling you what a grotesque disappointment Ramen Boy was. In a city increasingly so desperate for good ramen that even the promise of a new decent spot lands us straight into all kinds of can’t-handle-it awkwardsauce, Ramen Boy, headed up by the folks who brought you Yakitori Boy — […]


Dept. Of Bragging Rights: Jason Cichonski’s One-Time-Only Dorito Polenta Cake

Though the picture doesn’t do it justice — damn you, heat-of-the-moment Instagram — our regularly scheduled meal at Ela on Friday night was interrupted by a special treat from chef Jason Cichonski: This Dorito Polenta Cake. It’s a long story how this came to be — short version: friendly dare — but the end result […]

Pizza Of The Moment: Trio’s Rustica

For as far as we have come as a food city, sometimes it still feels like whole areas of town are Pizza Dead Zones, where good pizza is seemingly not an option within a certain block radius and out of the delivery zones of various more desirable pizza options. Color us surprised, then, when we […]


Verily We Say Unto Thee, New Heinz Ketchup Packet: YES!

Core77 has the details and backstory on this new modern wonder, which is so cute we could squeeze its little face until there’s ketchup everywhere. Anybody seen these in the wild yet?

We Wants It: Ressurection Of The Fried Chicken

Today, from noon until whenever it is gone, Ressurection Ale House will be serving up batches of their famous twice-fried chicken, with it’s sidekick german potato salad. We can’t think of a more perfect lunch. Resurrection Ale House – 2425 Grays Ferry Ave Photo Courtesy of Zach Radel and Mealticket.

Gunners Run Opens Brunch And, Also, CLAMBAKE!

Gunners Run, the new spot from the four-headed hydra of concert promoter Bryan Dilworth, tattoo artist and Olde City Tattoo owner Jason Goldberg, music booking agent Tim Borror, and chef Shawn Sollberger, soft-opened just a week ago, on the afternoon they got their liquor license. The spot — which settled into the old Swift Half […]

In Praise (And In Search) Of Spicy Cucumber!

Much well-deserved hype and love has been thrown in the direction of Old City’s Han Dynasty — and for sure, proprietor Han Chiang himself is the kind of soothsayer this publicist-run Philly food scene could use a lot more of. And we could talk fawningly about the menu and the Cult of Han all day, […]

Food Porn: Dominic Episcopo’s Fine, Fine Meats

Dominic Episcopo has, for a few years now, been a photographer of some note in Philadelphia for both his editorial and commercial work. But this Friday, Episcopo steps out into a whole new realm with “Meat America,” his new show of photos at Bambi Gallery in Northern Liberties. For “Meat America” — which will also […]

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