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GWARbar Is Going To Be A Real Thing, Not Just Horse Hockey

So this is a real thing. Decades ago, we stumbled into our first GWARgasm. We were at the Troc to see Tesco Vee and The Meatmen who didn’t disappoint, but we ended up digging the headliners, GWAR. Maybe it was the unseasonably warm winter’s night, or maybe we were just drunk on all that stage […]

PYT Owner Attempts Launch Of Exclusive “Yachtsman” Club With Kickstarter, In Fishtown. Irony Meter Explodes

Between this, this, and this, It might be time to make the move to Mount Airy or whatever. Tommy Up and Sarah Brown from PYT and Emanuelle are opening a Tiki Bar called The Yachtsman. Well they were, but then they ran out of clams, because, as Judge Smails always says, “It’s easy to grin, when your […]

Luke Palladino To Open Eponymous Joint In The Columbo’s Building On East Passyunk

Just about a year ago, the bafflingly titled, Food & Wine Magazine named our own East Passyunk Ave one of the 10 best foodie streets in America. Now with almost 40 bars, restaurants and cafes, including such super duper joints as Top Chef winner, Nick Elmi’s place Laurel, and citywide favorites like Fuel. Well they’re […]


Boot And Saddle, It’s What’s For Dinner

So, the Boot and Saddle has food too. Being what might mildly be termed a Donner Enthusiast, boot and saddle to us signifies the last thing those Truckee emigres ate before they started chowing down on each other. Or perhaps as a folksinger Boot and Saddle always meant that place on Broad Street with the […]

High Street Just Opened And You Should Go There…Just Not For A Week Or So

High Street on Market, the place that used to be Fork Etc., is now open for breakfast and lunch and in a few weeks dinner service will commence. Yesterday was their soft open and today was the first day of the rest of their lives. We stopped by and tried some dishes and though most were […]


Try Getting A Reservation At Serpico Now

In Stephen Starr news, his newest restaurant Serpico is opening this Friday, June 21st. The folks at Eater figured it out when reservations mysteriously popped up on OpenTable. The long awaited South Street spot is a collaboration with former Momofuku chef, Peter Serpico, and features a New American style menu with some Asian flourishes. Check […]

Steap And Grind Has A Very Nice Set Of Teas (And They’re Loose, Too)

In Fishtown, along a one mile stretch of Frankford Avenue, there are three different coffee shops in which to get your bean on. Bisecting the Rocket Cat’s chipped paint condescension, and the Lola Bean’s scandinavian lined preciousness, is the new playa in town. Colleen McHale has opened up Steap And Grind in that very cool […]

Vetri Re-Opening As Le Bec Fin? For Real

While there are already plans for a Le Bec Fin 2.0, Philly’s legendary restaurant finally closed its doors for good this past weekend after a drawn-out demise filled with more twists and turns than a soap opera. But it seems the legend of Le bec is not without one more twist. Old timers may remember […]

The New, Improved, Less-Classy Revel Is Classing It Up Just A Little Bit

After all of their ups and downs, Revel prmoised that they would totally be less-classy if they were given a second chance. That second chance was given, and now they’re all like “Okay, but these are pretty nice though, right?” The “these” those hypothetical Revel spokespeople are talking about are the two new Jose Garces […]

Now Open: Lox, Stock & Barrel (Get It?)

There’s not a whole lot going on when it comes to dining in the Parkway/ Logan Square area. Ok, there is Whole Foods but who really wants to scarf down possibly mislabeled take-out in a grocery store? Restauranteur Jeff Katz recognized the need for more options and siezed the opportunity by recently opening Lox, Stock […]

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