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David Ansill, The God Of Lamb

Tomorrow at Bar Ferdinand, Chef David Ansill will be shepherding diners through a six-course Lambapalooza. Ansill will explore the Spanish inspired dishes of Lamb with his new multi-course Chef’s Tasting Menu: Course 1 Lamb Tartare with Mustard Oil and Crispy Shallots Course 2 Crispy Lambs Tongue with Celeriac Puree Courses 1 & 2 paired with […]

Here Are Your Beer/Food Pairings For Brewer’s Plate

As we’ve been discussing over here for a little bit, we’re the exclusive media partner for this year’s Brewer’s Plate, and we couldn’t be more excited. Why? Because the Brewer’s Plate is an exciting, fun event, and we’re giving away tickets. And we still want you to go for free, so if all of our […]

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