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Pancakes For A Good Cause

Can you really say no to both pancakes and a good cause? This Saturday, April 27th, Philadelphia’s Food Trust is hosting a pancake breakfast to celebrate the Headhouse Farmer’s Market and raise awareness for their cause. Chefs Mitch and Jennifer Prensky of Supper are whipping up short-stacks using local, farm sourced ingredients and serving them […]

The Way Of The Future: Chefstack Promises 200 Pancakes Per Hour For All Your Pancake-Party Needs

Holy Pancake Robots!! We kind of can’t believe the Chefstack is real, but apparently, it is. The World’s First Automatic Pancake Machine uses a Teflon conveyor belt to spit out 200 pancakes an hour and form a neat pile of delicious. This little wonder costs $3,500 and is being marketed mainly to convenience stores and large-scale […]

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