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It’s A Good Thing Gays Don’t Eat Carbs Anymore

By now your Facebook is exploding as everyone from your grandmother to your roller derby team reposts the dumbass comments by the dumbass fourth generation CEO of Barilla Pasta, Guido Barilla which is not just his name but his descriptor as well. Here’s what the einstein uttered into a microphone on an Italian radio show […]

Does Your Curmudgeonly Grandma Make Ravioli? Put Her On TV

Think of it as “Shit My Grandma Says,” ravioli edition.

Bring Some Friends To Le Virtu For 60-Feet Of Pasta

Maccheroni alla Mugnaia is the name of the pasta, and the long name accompanies the long food. The pasta is a single-strand, prepared and served uncut, measuring up to 60 feet. Le Virtu (1927 East Passyunk Avenue) wants you to share the mammoth pasta with 11 of your best, and hungriest friends. The recipe is […]


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