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Enjoy The Sgt. Pepper Of Pie Fights

Whether or not broad physicality is what slaps your stick, you gotta concede that Drs. Howard, Howard and Fine are the fucking Beatles of Pie Fights. And we know, you’re watching and saying, “Where’s our local boy?” Don’t Worry, Larry shows up near the end and gets a good custarding just like you want him […]

Eat Day By Day Pie on Pi Day At Day By Day

Despite our allegiance to Vi Hart and Tau, we would be remiss were we not to mention that this friday will be 3.14 and as such, Pi day will be celebrated. Turns out Day By Day at 21st and Sansom is prepared for the circumferencniks. Should they come ’round (ha) on friday they will be […]

Grumblethorpe: One Of The Rare Instances It’s Ok To Let Little Children Put Their Fingers In Your Pie

You wanna be the guy who arrives on Thanksgiving with homemade pie. We all do. Thing is, you are to busy or you suck at baking or your arms got ripped off in a thresher this summer and you’re still learning to cook with your feet. Whatever the reason, the solution is as simple as […]


Philadelphia Public History Truck Debuts Today With Pie, Cider.

The brainchild of Erin Bernard, a Public History grad student over at Temple , The Philadelphia Public History Truck makes its debut in just a couple hours. Today from 5:00 to 8:00 at the Little Berlin Fairgrounds the truck will be hosting an event called “Pie Am Kensington” featuring Pie, Cider and Memory Mapping. Hmmm, pie […]

What’s Better Than Pie? Free Pie, That’s What

When we ask you what’s better than Pie? you might say Tau, and we’ll have to smile at your clever invocation of the homonym paradigm. And then, like Lou Costello, we’ll have to explain your misconception and then we can both go on with our day. Lets skip that part, shall we? Has it already […]


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