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N3RD Brain Pizza Party Tonight

One week from right friggin’ now, N3RD Market kicks off its second season, bringing the farmer’s market experience to Old City. To celebrate and to ease into the new season, tonight from 6-10 the N3RDs are breaking bread with the dough heads over at Pizza Brain and throwing down. At this pizza party. Pizza Brain […]

Phoodie Poetry Corner: Pizza Coven

El Jefe hath hipped us to this pizza poem composed by our new friend, Alina Pleskova who’ll Tumbl for you over here. We light oxblood candles, sprinkle rings of oregano Crouch over eerie smartphone glow, cloaked in black lace garments with ample stretch room Our burnt tongues nightly chant, Deliver unto us this rightfully-owed free […]

Pizza Brain And Little Baby’s Third Thursdee Throwdown To Feature Cheu Noodle Bar

We gots to say, not only is this event kinda cool sounding – and sooper close to our house – but the flyer itself is an 8-bit work of art. Not so much for its aesthetic, but for its comprehensive quality. Seriously, that’s all the info right there in the poster. Show-up and Cheu-down why […]


Lunch Break: Pep-Peperoni Edition

On a snowday like today, on the heels of a snowday like Sunday, one’s options are somewhat fettered. We ordered Chinese Sunday evening, postponing our anniversary dinner, and noshed on the leftovers all day Monday. In a house bereft of bread and cheese, grilling a comfort sandwich is unlikely. Thus, it shall be pizza today. […]

Baseball Movie Night And Pizza Brain Pizza At Everybody Hits Batting Cages

‘Member Everybody Hits, that Fishtown batting cage we told you about back when the Phillies made baseball seem like a fun game to play? Well, this Saturday October 5th, owner David Gavigan is teaming up with the condescending hipsters over at Pizza Brain for baseball movie night. They’re gonna show Sugar, which is truly a […]


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