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Totally Scientificish Fishtown Pizza Experiment Part II: Premium II Pizzeria

A week or two ago we plucked Villagio from the overstuffed folder of pizza menus that have accumulated on our doorstep. Villagio’s offering was less than spectacular but we’re just getting started. Recently we selected random menu number two placed the same order; this time Premium II pizzeria 953 Tioga Ave. Spoiler alert: It was […]

Villagio Is Up First In Totally Scientificish Fishtown Pizza Experiment

It has been duly noted that not only do we live in the Pizza Belt, but we are the 9th best Pizzaburgh in all of christendom. But that is macro, and since Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods, let’s get out our microscopes and do some science. Speaking of science, our Fishtown rowhouse has a […]

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