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Prime Stache Pop-up Will Smoke Your Spice Or Vice-Versa

Tomorrow night The You’ve Changed bar group is popping into Prime Stache to pop-up a pop-up. The event, “Smoke & Spice: Cocktails from the Devil’s Cookbook” will feature smoky and spice cocktail creations as well as food and music. Dig: You’ve Changed is a pop-up bar concept that bartenders Brian Kruglak, Derek Moorer and Anna […]

Granite Hill Getting Its Korean Food On For PMA Art Exhibit

Last week we found ourselves among the schmancy people in the great stair hall of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. There was a press preview for the opening of Treasures of Korea, Arts and Culture of the Joseon Dynasty, 1392-1910. Now that’s a dynasty – talking ’bout 518 years, so all you Bulls, Patriots, Heat […]

This Sunday, “Farmer’s Market At The Batting Cages” Is The Phrase That Might Save Your Marriage

Everbody Hits batting cages on W. Girard isn’t our favorite batting cage just because it’s almost the only game in town and a short walk from the office, nor is our allegiance due to the space’s former history as a porn soundstage, it’s not even our favorite because owner David Gavigan’s dog Bruno gets along […]


Why Should You Go To Underground Arts Tonight? Duck Nuggets Is Why

Duck Nuggets is not a three-piece hipster band from Asheville who plays southern culture glorifying, Skynyrd style songs on trombone ukelele and found percussion. Hopefully that band doesn’t exist. Duck nuggets are actual nuggets of actual Mallards or whatever in a spiced plum glaze. It’s just one of a few small dishes that Top Chef […]

Reciprocity Pop-up Dinner; Momofuku at Zahav

In April, Michael Solomonov took his shebang up I-95 into Manhattan to pop-up at Momofuku as part of their Late Night Dinner Seres. The $85 prix fixe, 11pm seating sold out quickly and was such a success that Solomonov is going to return the favor and host Momofuku Ssäm Bar’s Chef Matthew Rudofker at Zahav. […]


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