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Meet The Beast Of Amis

Once upon a time, Amis chef Brad Spence and his crew decided that they would craft a giant flying sausage, name it The Beast of Amis and enter it the Red Bull Flutag. Now there’s a 30 minute documentary capturing the sheer insanity/awesomeness of a group of grown men working towards crashing 30 feet into […]

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation To Honor Philly Chefs Vetri, Michaud, and Benjamin

On Saturday January 12th, the ALSF is holding the Seventh Annual Lemon Ball in center city at the Philadelphia Marriot Downtown. In addition to the cocktails, dinner and raffles, the foundation will be presenting the Alex Scott Crystal Cup to Marc Vetri, Jeff Michaud and Jeff Benjamin for their work with The Great Chefs Event, […]

Dept. Of Bragging Rights: Jason Cichonski’s One-Time-Only Dorito Polenta Cake

Though the picture doesn’t do it justice — damn you, heat-of-the-moment Instagram — our regularly scheduled meal at Ela on Friday night was interrupted by a special treat from chef Jason Cichonski: This Dorito Polenta Cake. It’s a long story how this came to be — short version: friendly dare — but the end result […]


All Hail The New Nan Zhou (Be Zhou Be Zhou!)

Imagine our pleasant surprise when, walking through Chinatown last night, we discovered that the new Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle House had quietly opened in its new, much larger location at 1022 Race Street. (Former home of Pho 75, which were sad to see go, but this makes up for it.) Fans of those hand-drawn […]

Food Porn: Metropolitan Bakery Would Like To Remind You That Their Granola Is The Only Granola Worth Eating Ever

Metropolitan Bakery Granola from Metropolitan Bakery on Vimeo. As the sweet, dulcet jazz tones of the above video play out, let us have a moment of honesty: 99.999999999% of all granola produced in the world, ever, tastes like packing peanuts. But just as most granola should not be considered “food,” Metropolitan Bakery’s Granola should not […]


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