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Ramen Rumble At CHeU Noodle Bar Just May Save America

Nation-wide, voting rights are under assault. The Supremes have gutted the Voting Rights act of 1965, nullifying section five which kept stricter standards on nine southern states whose past actions should be their everlasting embarrassment. Quick on the heels of that decision, throughout the south and of course here in PA – The Mississippi Of The […]

Pizza Brain And Little Baby’s Third Thursdee Throwdown To Feature Cheu Noodle Bar

We gots to say, not only is this event kinda cool sounding – and sooper close to our house – but the flyer itself is an 8-bit work of art. Not so much for its aesthetic, but for its comprehensive quality. Seriously, that’s all the info right there in the poster. Show-up and Cheu-down why […]

What? David Chang Has Been On Channel 12 For The Last Two Months And Nobody Told Us?

Watch The Mind of a Chef – Preview on PBS. See more from PBS. You’ll have to pardon us: We completely slept on The Mind Of A Chef, David Chang‘s entry into the post-Bourdain TV-sphere, and boy, do we have a single loosely fried egg in slow-cooked pork bone broth on our faces. For those […]


Cheu Noodle Bar Finds Stationary Location On Tenth Street

Cheu Noodle Bar, Ben Puchowitz and Shawn Darragh‘s formerly pop-up only Ramen spot, has found a storefront at 10th and Locust where they will soon begin selling their well-received dishes. The planned opening could happen as soon as February, and you can get an idea of what they’ll be serving over here. Keep up with […]

Terakawa Ramen: Totally Legit

We never did get around to telling you what a grotesque disappointment Ramen Boy was. In a city increasingly so desperate for good ramen that even the promise of a new decent spot lands us straight into all kinds of can’t-handle-it awkwardsauce, Ramen Boy, headed up by the folks who brought you Yakitori Boy — […]


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