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Readers Write: We Can’t Believe She Used It All!

Hats off to Phoodie reader Lisa Fernandez, who responded to our call yesterday for a little Summer Bounty Show-N-Tell with this concoction, which, we’re guessing used everything she grew. Quoth Lisa: “My ‘summer pie‘ with arugula… A mash up of summer deliciousness in unmeasured form… Layer yellow and green zukes, Russian banana fingerlings, yellow and […]

Readers Cameraphone: A Really Good Bad Pun

A reader sent us this shot of a pun-filled Snickers billboard, and we have to confess that we’re not a fan of some of the others (“Respond to a Hungergency”? Could a compound word be more forced?), but we have a soft spot for Mt. Foodji for two reasons: 1) Mt. Fuji’s relationship to a […]

Reminder: Please Weigh In On The Great Bagel Debate

It’s really beginning to heat up in there, and we’d love to hear what you have to think about the city’s best (and worst) bagels.


Readers Write: It’s Not All Bad News At The Craft Beer Festival

So last week we let you good folks know that we felt some sketchy vibes from the I’m-Sorta-Part-Of-Beer-Week-But-Not-Run-By-A-Brewer Philly Craft Beer Festival. Because there are ducats being spent, and of course, ducats to be had, there’s been a bit of a stir in local beer circles. There’s a solid split down the middle from those who are […]

Readers Write: Best Shrimp Cocktail In Town?

“Hey Phoodie, I’ve got a reader request for you: Who’s got the best shrimp cocktail in town? Not some fancy deconstructed essense of shrimp cocktail thing, I’m talking big fat U-10 high-roller style shrimp surrounding a pool of zippy, horseradishy, burn your sinuses cocktail sauce.” We hear you loud and clear, friend: Some things are […]


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