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Phoodie Recipe Corner: Lord Baltimore Cake, Shrugging Off The Yolk Of Oppression

So, what exactly is Lord Baltimore Cake? We’re glad you asked because we just did like 10 minutes of research into this cake of which we’ve heard but never bothered to learn about. Here’s the folklore; and as you know, if some folklorist said it, then it’s pravda. So Lord Baltimore was Governor of Maryland […]

Phoodie Recipe Corner: Here Today, Bone To Marrow

As we age, watching our dog do dog stuff consumes an ever growing slice of the pie chart of our day. Like David Attenborough or Marlin Perkins or whatever. As Queequeg methodically checks off items on his doggie “To Do” list, we find ourselves making list of correlating human activities. Where Q will deeply inhale […]

From The Desk Of Molly Weingart: Dog Biscuit Recipe Is The Cat’s Pajamas

I prefer my dog’s company to that of most people. She is a better listener and lets me call the shots. Mindy Sparkle is a four year-old Cockapoo. She just rocks. Her best dog friend, Sadie Mae, is a chocolate Labrador who is quite amazing in her own right. Sadie belongs to two people whose […]


From The Desk Of Molly Weingart: Drinking The Milk Of Almond Kindness

There are certain products that seem to just exist. Say cake mix. Until about five years ago, I totally thought that when one wanted to bake a cake, it was just about grabbing a mix and stirring. I didn’t think about the mix being made of specific ingredients. It was a process I didn’t give […]

Phoodie Recipe Corner: Blackened Chicken Kiev

So, over in The Ukraine, Kiev is on fire. Ukrainian police have stormed the Maidan protest camp which popped up in the square in November. There are at least 18 dead and that number will assuredly rise: Security forces had given protesters a deadline of 18:00 local time (16:00 GMT) to leave Independence Square, the […]


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