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Fishtown NoLibs Penn’s Landing Restaurant Week August 1-10 Will Destroy Democracy, America

In the distant future, grad students, if there still are such things, will scratch their heads and chuckle bemusingly at us, as we did generations before, as grad students studying the folly of the last days of Rome. How could they not see suicide path on which they deliberately trod? Could they not see that […]

Manayunk Offers StrEAT Food Fair And Restaurant Week Consecutively April 12-25

Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods and that means that there are enough distinct territories that one could almost have a perfunctory Restaurant Week meal slapped in front of one, once a month if not more. It’s no secret that we, along with most thoughtful people with mouths, aren’t ordering the Kool-Aid at Restaurant Week. […]

Celebrity Cruises’, “Random Act Of Modern Luxury” Is Just The Kind Of Gimmick To Give Restaurant Week Some Epicurian Credibility

So another restaurant week is upon us. Like folk music revivals and Michael Bay movies and viral flair-ups, these things happen. Though not preventable, they are manageable. Usually we attempt to hunker down and wait it out, alas, our birthday usually falls inside the window and many of our friends want to take us out […]


From The Desk Of Adam Brodsky: Hooray, It’s Restaurant Week

So, pretty much nobody likes restaurant week. Victor Fiorillo does a pretty good job of breaking it down here. Essentially, restaurant owners are making less money, servers are working harder for less or hardly more money, and the customers are getting lesser service and food. The original concept was that for a prix fixe price […]

Dining Out On The Cheap At Main Line Restaurant Week

Mainline Restaurant Week begins today. Ignore the freakishly cold weather and head out to a number of different spots offering discounted, prix fixe lunch and dinners. For either 20, 30, 40, or 50 dollars, you dine on a 3-course meal at resturants such as Valley Tavern and The Gables at Chadd’s Ford. Reservations can be […]


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