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It’s Good To Be The Good King, It’s Great To Eat There

Being a profeshunial phood blogger is feast or famine. Much of the time you are in a pavlovian state of hunger and the rest of the time you are repulsed by the entire idea of eating at all. But yesterday, as we were putting the touches on our interview with the Shmittenest of Kittens, we […]

Victor Fiorillo Did Not Like His Meal At Ocean Prime Very Much

Y’all should pop over to Phillymag and see what Victor had to say about Ocean Prime. I’ll spoil but a solitary gem of his: “Not a single French Bordeaux on the wine list!” The others are worth their own read.

Foursquare Solves “What’s Good Around Here?” Conundrum With “Best Of Philly” List

Foursquare may seem just to be another mindless and unnecessary imitation app of AroundMe and for a few, but you may want to check out these moves the smartphone function is making for foodies in the 215. Along with other American metropolises like New York, Portland, San Fran, and D.C., Foursquare has used its […]


The NYT Review Of Guy Fieri’s Times Square Restaurant Kinda Makes Us Want To Eat There

Guy Fieri, who we’re pretty sure on top of being a TV host and restaraunteur is also the roadie for Sugar Ray, recently received a scathing (to say the least) review from the New York Times for Guy’s American Kitchen in Times Square. The review was nothing more than a series of questions aimed at […]

There Are Now Five Four-Bell Restaurants

After the dust cleared from this weekend’s big Craig LaBan bell blowout, there were five four-bell restaurants standing, revealing Philadelphia’s new, unofficial, restaurant hierarchy. Both Zahav (237 St. James Place) and Bibou (1009 S. Eighth St.) moved up from 3 bells to four, while Vetri (1312 Spruce St) and Fountain (1 Logan Square) retained their […]


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