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Farmers Fridge Vending Machine Proves You Don’t Make Friends With Salad

We remember first seeing those self-checkout stations at the supermarket. We grumbled and griped about the corporations replacing American union jobs with machines, we grumbled about the ever isolationist nature of an electronic society and how eventually all human contact will be through screens until we needn’t ever leave the basement and like snakes, our […]

Phoodie Recipe Corner: Grapes Of Wrath Edition

Like most good folksingers who study their craft, we first became enamored with Steinbeck’s opus, not from the words themselves or even Henry Fonda’s interpretation, but from a Woody Guthrie two-sided 45 originally recorded in 1940. Sure, we eventually watched the movie and then read the book, but the re-interpretation in our very own wheelhouse […]

Moore’s Sidewalk Eatery Opens Across Logan Square

Moore College of Art and Design, the country’s last remaining all-women’s visual arts school, has just opened their Diamond Cafe, an outdoor eatery that will serve the public through June. The cafe is open Monday through Friday and just had their grand opening this past Monday, the 18th. This sidewalk stop is intended for all: […]


Are You Man/Woman Enough For The All Come At The Same Time Salad?

Everybody happy. We finally dipped into Delicatessen for lunch today, and to put it blunty, it completely destroyed us with its deep Jewish deli goodness. While the latkes were divine and the French onion soup with cheesy croutons and the wasabi cream cheese and the house-cured corn beef were all very real emotional experiences, it […]

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