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Sriracha Sauce Could Become Hot Commodity If Plant Forced To Close

The residents of Irwindale, CA are crying with rage, or hot under the collar, or burned up, or some other hot saucy wordplay, is how lede sentences around the country are being constructed today. The beloved rooster sauce is irritating the fine folks who live near the two-year-old plant which roasts and emits the oily […]

The Owner Of The Company That Makes Sriracha Is Exactly How We Hoped He’d Be

David Tran, the LA-based founder of Huy Fong Foods Inc. — the people who make Sriracha , that so-called rooster sauce everyone loves so much — spoke to the LA Times about his spicy empire, and he was exactly how we dreamed he’d be. But first, we learned that the imitators and chip flavors can […]

Soon You Can Drink Yuengling And Eat Yuengling On Your Winglings

Imagine it: You’re sitting in front of your big screen TV, drinking a Yuengling and eating wings, watching some football (or the ID channel, if you’re like us) and you spill some beer on your wings. WHAT TO DO? Well, the obvious answer is just eat those beer soaked wings (What are you, royalty?). Well, […]


Dept. Of Things We Can’t Disagree With: The Sriracha Food Pyramid

It seems the creator of The Sriracha Cookbook hit this one right on the head. Our only question is: exactly how many servings is in a “Fuck Yeah”? No matter how many it is, we’re totally fine with it. God bless that spicy rooster and his sauce.

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