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Lloyd Whiskey Featured In Bob Loblaw’s Slaw Blog

Whether discussing a court of law or a quart of slaw, nobody breaks it down like Bob Loblaw. Regardless of your feelings on Slaw; whether you think it’s what makes the corned beef special, or you view it as plate filler that just comes with your entree, slaw is a bit like a long-snapper, you […]

How To: Green Beans With Apple Cider Redux

Here in the Phoodie Test Kitchen, we’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and we’re going all the f out. By “all the f out,” we really mean that we’re trying our best to find a happy balance of tastiness and easy preparation. Since the sides of Thanksgiving are the […]

From The Desk Of Lord Whimsy: ‘Shroom Time Again!

Sayeth Lord Whimsy, in one of his regular missives: Babies: Just a reminder that it is now officially morel season. Found a ton after last week’s rain and warm temperatures. They were promptly sauteed in butter and chives, then put into a delicious risotto. And no, I won’t divulge the location. Like Lemonhead Evan […]


You Wish You Had This Dish: Potatoes Au Gratin At Johnny Brenda’s

After a little while spent in what we’ll call “Taco Limbo,” the menu at Johnny Brenda’s has been given a complete overhaul in the last week or so, with JB’s/Standard Tap co-owner/chef Paul Kimport once again at the helm. This is a very, very good thing, as Kimport seems to naturally veer the gastropub type […]

Brain Trust: For The Love Of All That Is Right And Holy, People, Can We Find This Woman Some Fried Okra?

One desperate Phoodie reader writes: “So you guys know food, and I love food. Any idea where to get some fried okra in this city?! I’d assume a bbq spot… if you have any idea, I’d LOVE to know. Thanks!” We feel your pain, lady. But we’ve got good news: Philly is getting a lot […]


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