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Dick Yuengling And The Campbell’s Soup Heiress Made Forbes’ Rich As Fuck List

Yesterday over at Philebrity, they briefly mentioned the Philadelphians who made it on to Forbeseses richest American’s list. Turns out, Dick Yuengling is worth $1.4 billion with a B. Making shitty beer, Union busting and not paying your taxes are all important steps in his rise into the top 400. The other Philadelphia food giant […]

Eat (And Try To Pronounce) Geaw Teaw At Circles

On Monday February 18th, Bangkok-born chef and owner Alex Boonphaya, will be introducing three new soups for his authentic and contemporary Thai cuisine Circles; chicken stock-based Tom Yum, with moist pieces of bread and rice noodles, a beef stock-based Geaw Teaw, with tar anise, cloves, cinnamon, rice noodles, braised beef and beef balls, and a […]

5 Courses Plus 5 Beers Equals Best Math Ever At Circles Thai

Two weeks from today, on Wednesday the 30th, the good people at Circles Thai will be serving up a special event, the 5 Course 5 Beer Dinner. The dinner will take place at both Circles Thai locations, and will feature a different bottled beer pairing with each of the five courses. All the beer served […]


Old City Coffee Wants To Teach You To Make Their Potato-Leek Soup, Because They’re Cool Like That

Look, Old City Coffee is a business. And businesses run on selling wares and goods and foods for money. So it makes sense that Old City Coffee would like to keep their Potato-Leek Soup recipe a secret. But alas, that is not the way they do things. They want to share the wealth and teach […]

Get Your Street-Side Oyster House Clam Chowder On January 23rd!

As you all must know, National New England Clam Chowder Day is right around the corner and it is time once again to celebrate the familiar 500 year-old French soup. Before you celebrate, though, there are a couple of things to remember this year: first, never confuse Manhattan and New England clam chowders, especially in […]


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